On the way to school this morning, mini-moi and I are discussing how well (or poorly) 80s icons have aged.

Exhibit A

In the interest of her musical education, I initiate a game called ‘Eighties or Twenty-tens?’ The object is for her to listen to a song off my current mix and tell me whether she believes it was released three decades ago or in this decade. Ready to give it a shot?

  • She thinks this one is eighties. What do you think?
  • Mini-moi verdict on this one: eighties. You?
  • This cover, she says, is twenty-tens.
  • She claims this has to be twenty-tens because ‘the eighties didn’t have the technology’ to make the opening sound.
  • Finally, this, she believes, is eighties.*

When I tell her that last one was, in fact, released this century, she looks out the window at the passing scenery and says, “I’ve been living a lie. All this time, I thought that was an oldie but goodie.”

She then texts me who she calls an eigthies hottie before hoisting her backpack and gym bag over her shoulder and getting out of the car.

courtesy of mini-moi

I maneuver out of the parking lot–aviators on while sipping my ancient, trendy homemade coriander, cumin and fennel tea–tuning into a timeless piece of sonic artistry.


*none of the songs in the game were released in the eighties